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Your online presence in the business world must be graphically compelling, but also user-friendly and easy to navigate. Plexus specializes in developing creative but practical online business and marketing applications and our clients enjoy unsurpassed quality, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness.

User Experience

Internet business environments are often frustrating for online customers or prospects. Sometimes they are intimidating. While Internet technology enables users to access the information they want, when they want it, the experience can be a negative one. The challenge is to create a positive experience for the user through smart, efficient interface design and intuitive navigational architecture. Plexus is known for designing user-friendly applications that result in more efficient operations, repeat customer traffic, and healthy ratios in prospect conversion.


How you look often defines your level of success in today’s competitive marketplace. But image is more than physical. Our creative concepts embody research, strategy, content, design, and technology. It’s a holistic approach to maximize your online image. Making information easy to access, products and services easy to purchase (and interactive applications easy to use) is accomplished through smart, efficient interface design. Our designers are masters of intuitive “look and feel.”


Plexus has award-winning writers, plus a network of professional freelancers who have migrated to the digital marketing world from the various disciplines of advertising, direct marketing, and journalism. Copy requirements differ widely because every client, target audience, and strategy will vary.
Whether it’s a compelling institutional message for an international bank, a dynamic call-to-action for a direct response offer, or a white paper on global branding, Plexus has expert wordsmiths available to write and edit in several languages. We often retrofit client copy prepared for use in traditional print media into copy appropriate for interactive media presentation.


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Plexus développe, en collaboration avec nombre de ses clients, des stratégies et des solutions e-commerce globales sur mesure. Nous fournissons des solutions innovantes et éprouvées permettant de maximiser les opportunités globales multilingues. Ces solutions incluent le consulting culturel, la localisation et la traduction. Plexus a recours aux services des linguistes les plus qualifiés et les plus compétents pour offrir des traductions de très grande qualité dans plus de 100 langues. Notre processus de traduction nécessite pour chaque projet le travail de trois linguistes professionnels : un traducteur, un relecteur et un vérificateur. Pour chaque projet, nous choisissons soigneusement l’équipe linguistique en fonction de sa connaissance du domaine concerné et du public visé.

Managed Content Services

Timely content updates keep your marketing programs fresh and interesting and keep you listed on the major search engines and directories. Without frequent content updates and new content you will not be found by anyone searching for your products or services. Our Content Management Systems (CMS) allow our dedicated Client Services Team to quickly and efficiently manage your Internet content. Our Managed Content Service Agreements are ideal for busy clients who need their content professionally managed. Updates are timely, regardless of the time zone.

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