Plexus: Web Site Design and Hosting

Founded in 1998, Miami-based Plexus M/2 is an award-winning Web site design and hosting firm. We have served over 200 domestic and international clients. Our clients have comprised businesses and organizations of all sizes and scope in practically every business sector.

Plexus M/2 provides an integrated approach that combines expert graphic design with best practices for Web site design, sales generation, and enhanced client relations.

Plexus M/2 helps each client to reduce the costs, and to achieve optimum revenue generation with their customers while streamlining operational efficiency. We focus on providing each client with custom-tailored Web site and hosting solutions that are customer centric and focused on delivering value.

Our in-depth experience in a variety of industries delivers client solutions that are actionable and results-driven. We start by understanding our client’s unique business needs, and their customer’s needs and preferences. Our dedicated professional team then guides the client through each stage of solution design and marketing plan execution.

We are known for our full range of Internet marketing capabilities, Web development services, high-quality Web hosting and maintenance, innovative problem solving, and reliable service.

Why choose us?

Professional Turn-Key Services
Plexus M/2  is a full-service Web site design and hosting firm. 


Internet Marketing Expertise
Plexus M/2′s in-depth experience and expertise has helped over 200 clients realize their online business  goals.


Fast and Reliable Service
Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will work tirelessly to deliver and manage winning Web site design  solutions.


Plexus M/2 will work diligently to understand your unique business needs and develop a plan that builds a solid foundation for a successful Internet  strategy. A strategy for your business that will deliver a sizable ROI.