Who We Are

Founded in 1998, Plexus is an established Web site design and hosting company that creates and implements successful Web sites for corporations and non-profit organizations. Plexus specializes in website design, application development, and hosting. Plexus is a full-service Web site design and hosting firm that leverages its experience in business strategy, creative design, and digital technology to help clients realize new opportunities to build customer relationships, reduce the cost-of-sales, and optimize revenue generation. Our experience has provided Plexus with an in-depth understanding of industry-specific business models. Over the years, we have developed unique insights into how to develop Web applications that produce business momentum.

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How we work
We begin with discovery. In a series of interviews, you’ll communicate the symptoms that tell you your business is not fulfilling its potential. As a rule, these are symptoms with a common result: unrealized profit. And they often share a common genesis: improperly managed information. With hundreds of solutions under our belt, we’ll ask questions that are informed and detailed. We’ll look beyond symptoms for causes. And we’ll do it with the goal of identifying what kinds of information are not being collected, disseminated, or acted upon. In our discussions we’ll take the first step toward developing a mutually agreed statement of objectives and ultimately, a plan of action that will allow your organization to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by today’s technology.
Complex problems often do require custom application development. But you’d be surprised how simply many can be resolved quickly and cost effectively when applying the right solution to meet your unique business needs. With an experienced partner like Plexus, you don’t have to invent wheels in order to roll over your daily challenges. We don’t just make it possible, we make it happen.

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Results Driven

Competition is fierce in today’s daunting business environment. Staying abreast of the latest successful marketing strategies and tactics for your business or organization is a big challenge.

It’s even a bigger challenge to keep up with the rapid-pace of online marketing and the hit-or-miss risks associated with marketing online. It can be an overwhelming task, even for the most experienced and savvy marketer.

This is where Plexus steps in. We are a full-service Web design and hosting firm that uses a comprehensive approach to customer acquisition. We have proven Web development methodologies that will improve your visibility online, create conversations with prospects, and enhance customer relations while achieving bottom-line results.

Our team will work closely and tirelessly with your team to provide the competitive edge required in today’s market. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s coming next in online marketing … and you stay ahead of the curve.

At Plexus, our mission is simply to deliver the highest level of service and a solid return-on-investment for each client. Our goal is to earn a spot as a valuable member of your marketing team for years to come.

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Empower Your Business To Prosper

Established in 1998, Plexus is a full-service Web Site Design and Hosting company.

Plexus specializes in Web design, Web application development, and hosting.

Best-in-Class Web Site Design

Your online presence in the business world must be graphically compelling, but also user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Plexus specializes in developing creative but practical online business applications and our clients enjoy unsurpassed quality, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness.


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Fast and Secure Hosting Services

Each Entrepa client has non-stop connectivity via a powerful network located on the major Internet backbone.


Our Web site hosting network is highly secured and monitored 24/7/365


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